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SharePoint2010 Service Account (System Acccount)

In SharePoint 2010 service account taking important part. Most of the services run under the different-2 service account. So while using the service account in SharePoint have to understand the about the service account. Service Account always gives the least privileges/Least Services. 

What is Service Account
Service accounts are general administrator accounts that are used for maintenance purposes. Usually these accounts are used to allow one system (rather than a user) to interact with another system or running a different-2 services. The model for managing and provisioning service accounts is slightly different from normal provisioning. Service account has a higher permission then the normal account.Service accounts are requested, provisioned, and managed in the same manner as regular accounts. Service accounts use the same resource objects, provisioning processes, and process/object forms as regular accounts.  A service account is distinguished from a regular account by an internal…

SharePoint 2010 Access Services

This feature included in the SharePoint Server Enterprise License.
Using Access Services in SharePoint the prerequisites are. System must install on Microsoft Access 2010.
Access Services must be running state.

Access Services feature in Site Collection level and Site level must be enabled.Site Collection Level: SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features.
Site Level: SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features.

Access Web databases can be published to SharePoint via Access Services where Access tables become Lists, forms become ASPX pages, macros become workflows, etc.

Table become ( SharPoint list)Form become (ASPX pages)Report become (RDL reports)Macros Become (Work Flow)
Microsoft Access 2010 relies heavily on Microsoft Office Share Point Server (and Microsoft SQL Server), to make data, forms, and reports available to users over the intranet.
Create Access 2010 Blank web database Start Access 2010. Access displays the Microsoft Office Backstage view. This allows a new database …