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Nintex Form Object Model 2013: Render various types of properties

Goal: Requirement is to create the various types of properties like Textbox & checkbox and dropdown list in Nintex object model.

Background: To read about the Nintex forms object model, please read this blog.

Steps: To achieve above functionality only we required to work on the ControlProperties class. By taking the ref. with this blog Nintex forms object model.

The textbox already already implemented on the ref. post. So render the dropdown and check box only required to add the following lines of code in the ControlProperties class file. so below is the code

using System.Runtime.Serialization; using Nintex.Forms;
using Nintex.Forms.FormControls;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Nintex.Forms.Resources;

namespace CustomControl
    public class ControlProperties : BaseBindableFormControlProperties
        /*Render Text box list*/

        [DataMember, ControlPropertyInfo(
            DisplayName = "Display Text",
            Description = "This is the te…

Nintex Custom Ribbon Control 2013 - Implementation Example (Custom Action)

Goal: To create the custom action that going to display the button at Nintex form setting ribbon.
Feature Scope: Site Identify the location: Using the IE developer tool you can identify Ribbon group. 

Location: Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.Ribbon.FormDecustomer.FormTab.CommitGroup.Controls._children CommandAction: Display the Popup to show create filed form: ' _layouts/15/fldNew.aspx
Element.xml <CustomAction Id="Custom.SharePoint.Ribbon.NewControlInExistingGroup" Location="CommandUI.Ribbon"Sequence="20">     <CommandUIExtension>       <CommandUIDefinitions>         <CommandUIDefinitionLocation="Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.Ribbon.FormDecustomer.FormTab.CommitGroup.Controls._children">           <ButtonId="Custom.SharePoint.Ribbon.NewControlInExistingGroup.Notify" Command="Custom.Command.NewControlInExistingGroup.Notify" Sequence="