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SharePoint 2013 Install-SPSolution with CompatabilityLevel Parameter

While installing new WSP to farm with Power Shell I found there are two folders "14" and "15" hive. You still able to install the WSP in older version based on the version you use; So in Install-SPSolution  power shell command let there is a parameter called "CompatabilityLevel " in sharepoint 2013 that used to installed the SharePoint solution feature in both "14" and "15" hives depend your requirement. Following are the list of table showing the values.

Following are the list of values available

Value Result 14 Installs solution to 14 directories only 15 Installs solution to 15 directories only “14,15” Installs solution to both 14 and 15 directories “AllVersions” or “All” Installs solution to both 14 and 15 directories “OldVersions” or “Old” Installs solution to 14 directories only “NewVersion” or “New” Installs solution to 15 directories only
This command let help not available you need to run the update-help command in your power shell to…

Types of Features in SharePoint 2013

Feature/Site Template Association: Allow to associate new features and functionality with existing site definition configuration feature automatically included in the provisioning(Microsoft). Can Associate the feature with Global Site template (event receiver to the site creation to write your custom code)Provide a Feature “Stapling”Attach a feature to existing site templateFacilitating a versioning and reusability<FeatureSiteTemplateAssociation Id="29D85C25-170C-4df9-A641-12DB0B9D4130" TemplateName="STS#0" />Data structure of SharePoint Site : Site Column and Content typeField : Creates the custom fields<Field ID="string" Name="string" Type="string">mixed</Field>Content Type: Create the content type.<ContentType>mixed</ContentType>Content Type Binding: Associate the content type with list.<ContentTypeBinding />List/Libraries Features : List Template (once you create the list template you able to cre…

SharePoint 2013 New Delegate Control

What is Delegate controlDelegate controls available in a SharePoint allow branding or substitution of common elements without altering master page.Substitute registered with control with lowest sequence number based on control ID.(Microsoft - here the default value is 100 so your sequence must be lower than this for your control to be loaded instead.)Parameters can be passed to the control via the declaration Type of Delegate Multi Delegate (Delegate Control load more than one user/server control.) Single Delegate Multi Delegate: If delegate contains the “AllowMultipleControls="true" ” attribute in the markup; It means the control is multi delegate control. it loads more than one user/server control, that has registered as lowest sequence number.

Single Delegate: If delegate without “AllowMultipleControls="true" ” attribute in the markup; It means the controls only replace with the user control; that has register…