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SharePoint 2013 Search MVP Articles & Resource

SharePoint 2013: SharePoint and Enterprise Search Survival Guide contain the most of the good links that helps and learn about the SharePoint 2013 enterprise search. There are good articles/posts that not included on above mentioned post. So I decided to include them, so the below are the list of helpful link. Hope you like. Search Architecture (Russ Maxwell) (Russ Maxwell)SharePoint 2013 Search Topology: Shell Script Rank Document Tool: http://techmikael.…

SharePoint 2013 Search Diagnostics

SharePoint Search 2013 infrastructure totally changed and now in 2013 provides the great OOB tools that help to troubleshoot the problem more easily. Monitor the crawl and query rates and latency and generate the reports.

So the following are the some of the great tools that exist in the SharePoint 2010 Fast Infrastructure but 2013 it adds more options in crawl logs also display the crawl and query health reports in form of charts.

Crawl logs: The crawl logs basic first level entry where the SharePoint administrator checks the crawl status. So the following are the options that added in the existing crawl logs that gives the more help in terms of analysis the & check the performance of the crawler. Content Source (added 1, 7 and 30 day duration trend)URL View (Added new link remove from index)History( added new column Latency and load)
Crawl Health Report: Display the health report card of the crawler the report generate in the forms of graph. The following are reports that displays…