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SharePoint 2013 Minimal download SharePoint:AjaxDelta

SharePoint 2013 Minimal Download Strategy (MSD)new feature introduced by Microsoft that improving end user experience. I recently check the master page and find some interesting tags that used most at the top of the placeholders.i'e SharePoint:AjaxDelta Tag.

SharePoint:AjaxDelta wrapping all our favorite Delegate Controls and other elements in the Master Page. What this AjaxDelta control does is to only download to the client (browser) what has been changed since the previous download.If nothing has changed, nothing is downloaded Ajax Style.

Following are the AjaxDelta control that are available in the Master page.
DeltaPlaceHolderAdditionalPageHeadDeltaSPWebPartManagerDeltaSuiteLinksDeltaSuiteBarRightDeltaSPNavigationDeltaWebPartAdderUpdatePanelContainerDeltaWebPartAdderUpdatePanelContainerDeltaTopNavigationDeltaSearchDeltaPlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleAreaDeltaPlaceHolderPageDescriptionDeltaPlaceHolderLeftNavBarDeltaPlaceHolderMainDeltaFormDigestDeltaPlaceHolderUtilityContent when yo…

SharePoint 2013 vs SharePoint 2010 (Global Site Definition)

As compare with SharePoint 2010 global template vs SharePoint 2013 global template there are some changes as mentioned in the below as per my findings. If you navigate to the 15 hive inside the “Template\Global” Global template - Common to all site definition applied during the site provision. SharePoint 2013 (Global Site Defination)Newly added core list template

Newly added Master
seattle.masteroslo.masterapp.master(Not include in global definition)

SharePoint2010 (Global site Defination)Core List Template
SolutionsMaster Page GalleryUser information listSite template listList template galleryTheme gallery list

Master Pages Default.masterV4.masterMinimal.master

Other things I wrote

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