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SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

IntroductionThe Design Manager is a new tool in SharePoint 2013. It’s available when you use the Publishing Portal site template or activate the Publishing Infrastructure feature at the site collection level. The Design Manager is a new option in the Look and Feel section of the Site Settings.
Why Design manager?SharePoint Designer 2013 is no longer the preferred tool. There is no longer a “Design” view for pages. It is only available in CODE View.With Design Manager, you can convert an.html file into a SharePoint 2013 master page, a .master file. After the conversion, the HTML file and master page are associated, so that when you edit and save the HTML file, the changes are synced to the associated master page.This tool’s purpose is to give users a new and easy way to brand SharePoint. The goal was to allow designers to create the look and feel for a SharePoint site using the tools they are most comfortable with like Dreamweaver or Visual Studio.In SharePoint 2013, Design Manager can …