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SharePoint 2013 Single Page App JavaScript Libraries

SharePoint 2013 new app model has been introduced by Microsoft. To develop the Apps there are some of the good client side scripts are available. We can create the responsive application with the help of these libraries. The libraries are well known and most of the big companies like Yahoo, Mozilla etc. are using these framework. As we already knows that Microsoft heavily emphasise on Client side scripting that’s why Microsoft did a investment to improve the client side framework for SharePoint 2013. As per SharePoint 2013 server side API, hardly not much change. No doubt if you say it is a feature of development. There are list of many client side JavaScript.
Not taking much of your time, following are the list of Client side Presentation Framework. Presentation Framework

1.Durandal 2.Anguer 3.Ember Rich Data Framework

1.Breeze There are plenty of libraries are available. One of the nice blog “Single page App” written by Andrew Connell.
MVVM Patterns 1.knockout There are many more libraries 1.

SharePoint 2013: Content Enrichment Web Service

As SharePoint 2010 perform the entity extraction & data cleansing we required the FAST document processing stage called pipeline extensibility stage, it is no longer available. It was replaced by content enrichment web services. 

As Microsoft says about it. 
Search in SharePoint 2013 enables users to modify the managed properties of crawled items before they are indexed by calling out to an external content enrichment web service. The ability to modify managed properties for items during content processing is helpful when performing tasks such as data cleansing, entity extraction, classification, and tagging.

  Please go through with the below links for more details. 82.aspx There are some of the good article, that describe the advanced content enrichment web service

Advanced Content Enrichment in SharePoint 2013 SearchCalling WCF using Content Enrichment in Content Processing Pipelin…

SharePoint 2013 Apps Security Resource

SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Workflow (Business Process Automation)
Workflow is a process of automation of the manual process.Workflow makes the complex process more easy, reliable and redirect the labor and contains cost. Business Process tools Large enterprise resource planning systemMiddleware to integrate existing priceGeneral purpose tool to create the simple automation example: Excel. SharePoint Business Process Automation SharePoint: MS Office tightly coupled with SharePoint. So Track the date in the SharePoint list & notify the uses with changes track task, contact list and event with outlook. Workflow to attached task and store document to the document list.K2: SharePoint Workflow process can be extended using K2. Nintex: SharePoint only workflow solution for complex workflow and integrate with InfoPath. SharePoint Business Automation Process List  Assign TaskTrack issueTrack Process SharePoint Alerts  Notify users of changes in list and librariesUser can create alerts for usersAdministrator can create a…