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SharePoint 2013 Pagination Options Google/Bing/etc

Google, Bing pagination on SharePoint search result page only two step away. 
OOB Pagination Control options 
Start Position When user click to the “2” page to the previous and next button will appearThe total number of page will display on pagination control at a time is 6. So the page number 1 is not visible

1) Export Search Results Web Part:

Number of pages in pagination UI is controlled by two variables in the Search Results web part:

<property name="MaxPagesBeforeCurrent" type="int">7</property>
<property name="MaxPagesAfterCurrent" type="int">7</property>

You will now get this:

To get the UI to always go back to Page 1:
2) Source code added to Search Display Template Control_SearchResults.html starting on about line 399.

//max before current page - ctx.ClientControl.$1K_4
//current page - ctx.ClientControl.$14_4
// if page 1 no longer shows in the pagination UI,
// create a link to page 1