STS CryptographicException Error : Key set does not exist

Common mistakes
  1. Both SharePoint Site and SSO Site NOT running on the same application pool.
  2. Application pool identity user doesn’t have permission to access the certification. 

Solution to this problem

  1. Set the same identity pool to  :

2. Be sure to grant rights to the certificate for the App Pool running the web service

  1. Start -> Run -> MMC
  2. File -> Add/Remove Snapin
  3. Add the Certificates Snap In
  4. Select Computer Account, then hit next
  5. Select Local Computer (the default), then click Finish
  6. On the left panel from Console Root, navigate to Certificates (Local Computer) -> Personal -> Certificates
  7. You're certificate will most likely be here.
  8. Right click on your certificate -> All Tasks -> Manage Private Keys
  9. Set you're private key settings here.
  10. Add app pool account
  11. Reset iis


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