SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Workflow (Business Process Automation)
  • Workflow is a process of automation of the manual process.
  • Workflow makes the complex process more easy, reliable and redirect the labor and contains cost.
Business Process tools
  • Large enterprise resource planning system
  • Middleware to integrate existing price
  • General purpose tool to create the simple automation example: Excel.
SharePoint Business Process Automation
  • SharePoint: MS Office tightly coupled with SharePoint. So Track the date in the SharePoint list & notify the uses with changes track task, contact list and event with outlook. Workflow to attached task and store document to the document list.
  • K2: SharePoint Workflow process can be extended using K2. 
  • Nintex: SharePoint only workflow solution for complex workflow and integrate with InfoPath.
SharePoint Business Automation Process List 
  • Assign Task
  • Track issue
  • Track Process
SharePoint Alerts
  •  Notify users of changes in list and libraries
  • User can create alerts for users
  • Administrator can create alerts for users
  • Types of alerts
    • Active: Notification changes via email
      • Alert based on type of change
    • Passive: Notification using RSS (Really simple syndication)
        • Outlook & Internet explorer to subscribe the RSS 
        • Subject to security and authentication 
SharePoint OOB Workflow
  • Workflow is a series of steps
  • Benefits
    • Ensure compliance with required procedures 
    • Create audit trails Assign and track task to workflow participants
    • Assign and track task to workflow participants
  • Start workflow
    • Manually
    • Added 
    • Changes
  • Type of WF
    • Approval
    • Three

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