SharePoint 2010 : New CamlDesigner (CAML Builder)

CAML Designer (Known as CAML Builder) is a great tool for generating CAML Query and some of the advanced CAML search result. This tool is created by SharePoint MVP Karine Bosch and Andy Van Steenbergen. You can download the tool from here.

Some of the feature contains by CAML Designer.
  • You can connect three ways: 
    • using the server object model 
    • using the client object model 
    • using the SharePoint web services 
  • UI support Ribbon 
  • UI support for LookupId='True' (filter on the ID of a lookup value) 
  • UI support for QueryOptions 
  • UI support for Query all files and folders by using (ViewAttributes Property of the SPQuery Class) 
  • Code snippets 
    • The Server Object Model 
    • The .NET Client Object Model 
    • The web services 
  • Drag and drop functionality 

  • Not supported MOSS only works in SharePoint 2010. 
  • Design issue : Query main Screen Scroll-bars missing  ex. Files and folder Options not visible (Query Options from the ribbon)
  • Code snippets Problems example : Server Object model (ViewFields missing single quotes and verbatim (@) at the begging of the Viewfieds) 
  • qry.ViewFields = "<FieldRef Name="ContentType" /><FieldRef Name="Modified" /><FieldRef Name="Modified" /><FieldRef Name="ContentType" />";
Download and explore your self. You really like this :).


  1. hey

    I've noticed this post, if you want you can download the new CamlDesigner 2013... It now support SharePoint 2010 and looks a lot nicer as well ;-)

    kind regards

  2. It stinks. It is very very pretty and useless.
    If only the time taken to make it pretty was used to make it work!


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