SharePoint 2010 : Sandbox Solution Part 1

Sandbox Solution is similar to SharePoint Web Solution Package the difference this solution only deploys at the site collection solution gallery. It is activate by site collection owner. Sandbox Solution you get the restricted subset permission of SharePoint Object Model. 
  • SPUCHostService.exe :  Code runs under special monitored process called  SPUCHostService.exe
  • SPUserCodeWebPart : Web Part that loads the Sandbox Web part Called SPUserCodeWebPart Wrapper.
  • SPUCWorkerProcess.exe : Sandbox run under the worker Process called SPUCWorkerProcess.exe.  This is process you need to Attach for debugging.
  • SPUCWorkerProcessProxy.exe : Communication to the farm under full trust using SPUCWorkerProcessProxy.exe

We need Sandbox solution because:
  1. You don’t have a SharePoint Farm Permission but you still want to deploy the custom code in SharePoint this is only way to deploy the custom code in SharePoint.
  2. Hosted environment you want to deploy the custom code. Then only way to use sandbox solution to deploy custom code example. Office 365.
  3. Sandbox solution protects the farm to the bad code like unhandled exception, process intensive operation.
  4. SharePoint Farm Administrator increase or decrease your sandbox Quota. Also specific solution can be blocked by SharePoint Administrator.
  5. Site Collection Site Collection Quotas and Locks used for setting the Quota template or individual quota values for a Web site collection.
Sandbox works on partial trust application.

Special version of assembly used for Sandbox solution. The assembly lives under

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\UserCode\assemblies\ Microsoft.SharePoint.dll

Allowed feature Element
  1. ContentType
  2. Field
  3. ContentTypeBinding
  4. CustomAction
  5. Module
  6. ListInstance
  7. ListTemplate
  8. Receiver
  9. WorkFlowAssociation
  10. PropertyBag
  11. WorkFlowActions(Custom WorkFlow Actions)
Prohibited Feature Element
  1. Control
  2. Workflow
  3. CustomActionGroups
  4. Document Convertor
  5. FeatureSiteTemplateAssociation(Also Called Feature Stapling)


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