Installing SharePoint 2013 beta version

  1. Lay downs all the binaries (download from the Microsoft Site).
  2. Run prerequisite from the SharePoint 2013 beta version.
  3. Beta version Product key
  4. After completion the prerequisite run the SharePoint installation setup.
  5. Install SQL Server Express Edition
  6. Run SharePoint 2010 
Screen shot with Detail information

Downloaded SharePoint 15 binaries

Active directory Service Group

Installing SharePoint 2013 Server

Installation finished

Run SharePoint 15 Products Configuration Wizard

SharePoint Product Configuration  Wizard Prompt

Welcome To SharePoint screen

Stop all the IIS Application Pool prompt

Step to connect to the FARM (Create a new server farm)

Specify the Database Settings

Farm Security  Settings

Configure SharePoint Central Administrator Web Application

Detail information about the SharePoint configuration wizard 

Performing configuration task screen

SharePoint 15 customer experience screen

First Screen To configure the SharePoint farm


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