SharePoint 2013 Client Object Model newly added DLL

Microsoft did a huge investment on SharePoint 2013 client object model to reduce the server side code. 

CSOM : Client Side Object Model allow to run and build your code outside the SharePoint Server. By using CSOM.

[Microsoft Definition]
If you're building applications that run outside of the SharePoint Server, take advantage of the CSOM. The CSOM interacts with SharePoint via web service calls and has three types of client object models: one for .Net applications, one for Silverlight applications, and one for mobile applications. In addition to these APIs, there is also a JavaScript object model and new REST/OData endpoints which allow you to build several types of applications using your language and platform of choice.

Following are the list of newly added CSOM
  1. Search
  2. User Profiles
  3. Taxonomies
  4. Publishing
  5. Feeds
  6. Sharing
  7. Workflow
  8. E-Discovery
  9. IRM
  10. Analytics
  11. BCS

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