SharePoint 2010 Disaster Recovery Part 1

What is Disaster Recovery?

In IT, Disaster recovery means to protect your data from the unexpected disaster.
  • Natural disaster like Earthquake, flood ECT.
  • Manmade disaster (something not do intentionally). It may be some miss configuration of files. Unintentionally delete the some of the important files.
SharePoint 2010 End User Recovery 
  • Recycle Bin (Two Stage) 
  • Document Versioning 
Recycle Bin (Two Stage) 
  • First-stage recycle bin – 
    • When users delete Files/List items it goes to First stage recycle bin. Also called "End user Recycle bin". Content in this recycle bin is counted on Site quota, so when you delete a file, it goes to recycle bin, but you won’t get any additional free space, still it occupies site quota. This recycle bin is accessible to the end users, and its Security trimmed (Even a site collection admin can't see end user's recycle bins, He/She needs to use "Site collection Recycle bin" to see end user's recycle bin. 
  • Second-stage recycle bin – 
    • When the content deleted from First-stage recycle bin or its life time on First-stage recycle bin is over then it moved to Second stage recycle bin. Here Items not counted on Site quota, But total space occupied by second stage recycle bin is based on Central administration setting "Second stage Recycle bin Percentage in Live site's Quota". This Recycle bin acts at site collection level, and can be accessed only to site collection Admin. 
Document Versioning: 
  • When you store critical documents in the SharePoint libraries, sometimes it becomes necessary to track all the changes and to maintain version history for them. There might be a time when you would need to restore files back to an older version if any inadvertent change happens. You can also track changes for auditing purposes. Versioning provide you a facility to restore the last version with existing version. If you delete the version from the SharePoint List it will move to the Recycle bin you can restore the specific version from there. 


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