Some the silent UI feature in SharePoint 2013 beta

Some of the new feature comes with the new version of the SharePoint 2013 version as compare with the 2010. But some of the minor changes in the UI as well as the look and feel. So I am going to show you some of the new UI feature that is in SharePoint 2013 beta version may be these UI feature still with it and removed when 2013 will released.

Some the silent UI feature in the SharePoint 2013 beta

You will change the left & top navigation from home page without going to the site settings.

All items view some of the Shortcut menus
  • Able to search within the list 
  • Switched between the list views by clicking on the edit link. 
  • Add new column

Intelligent window during add new user SharePoint group.

View all list item page now all the custom list and other list and libraries comes under the Add and App link. (_layouts/viewlsts.aspx page)

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