PowerShell Utility Script Update WebPart Properties

This utility help you to update the webpart properties without modify the page manually. This script reads the data from the xml configuration and update page webpart property. To update the file we need the page name and webart id all this type of configuration store in the confg.xml file. Below is the updated code.

Note: There is only one Manuel step that is you need to find the site pages as well as get the Ids of the webpart that need to modify the property. This current example only modifies the Title and Xsllink of the webpart.

You will find the WebPartUtility.zip at the end of this post the zip folder contains the following two files

1. Config.xml : This file contains the all the configuration required for modify

2. PropertyChange.ps1 : This file contains all the logic.
Silent feature:

1. More than one site can webpart can be modified by this script.

2. More than one page , webpart and webpart properties update at once. Config contains the IsUpdated Flag that helps to exclude the specific configuration.

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