SharePoint 2013: Disable TrimDuplicate from search Result in Core result Web Part

In SharePoint 2010, core result web part having an option to trim the duplicate by edit the core result web part in UI.

In SharePoint 2013 the trim duplicate option is hidden and by default(TrimDuplicates:True) and due to this duplicate results not visible in the search result. To enable the search result use need to follow the steps .
  1. Export the existing web part.
  2. Open the exported web part in notepad and search for “DataProviderJSON” property. 
  3. Check “TrimDuplicates” value by default it is true to make visible the duplicate result set its’ value to false.
  4. Replace the existing web part with exported one.

After done with the above changes might be case of your connection with “Refiners”, “Search box” and “Search Vertical” is disconnected. To make it work correctly you need to modify the search box and set the send query option to “Search Result” and same for refiner web part.

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