SharePoint 2013 Search Issues

As we know Microsoft did lots of investment on improving the search architecture and did lots of changes in terms of UI prospective. 

There are some of the common issue and well known, that I encounter during my development & search troubleshooting.  

Below are the list of the common issues & the workaround to fix

  • Automatic Crawl properties not created
    1. [Issue] This is known issue while creating the site column using declarative way the automatic crawled properties are not generated by the SharePoint engine. 
    2. [Solution]: The work around this either, need to create the Site columns using powershell or SharePoint object model.
  • Display template not selected in the Content Search Webpart when we create the page using element.xml file.

    1. [Issue] The requirement where I have to create the layout pages and pre-populate the “content search web part” so I used the module feature for that & export the web part and add the same in the element. Xml file the issue comes when I found that the display template not populated as expected. To provision the content search web part here is blog. 
    2. [Solution] For that export the "Content Search Web Part” and find “ItemTemplateId” property and replace the  ~  sign with this  ~  
Example: <property name="ItemTemplateId" type="string">~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Content Web Parts/Item_templatename.js</property>
<property name="ItemTemplateId" type="string">&#126;sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Content Web Parts/Item_templatename.js</property>
  • Search vertical open in the new window not working (Navigation).

    1. [Issue]: To set the navigation option under Site Settings. Under Search, click Search Settings link. If you want a search center page to be open the Link in new Window the functionality not working. 
    2. [Solution]: In To get this work using Jquery client side approach to handle the link navigation click event. 
  • Search pagination web part not working as expected.
    1. [Issue]: Every click to the pagination link button (bellow to the search results), showing different result count. 
    2. [Solution]: The solution written by my friend in his blog [Vivek Jagga]
  • SharePoint Crawl Properties PropSet ID issue
    1. [Issue]: In SP 2013 I created some of the crawled property using PowerShell. During that time I used the Old “PropSet ID” that I used for SharePoint Group i.e. 00130329-0000-0130-c000-000000131346 but it is not same for each type of column the propset changed depend upon the type of column in SharePoint 2013 . (let me first give you some background details. In SharePoint 2010 have 4127 type of manage property (multi value) to use this we store the any kind of value (date, time and other types). Now this is deprecated in SharePoint 2013.)
    2. [Solution]: following are the list of Propset ID. 
      1. 158d7563-aeff-4dbf-bf16-4a1445f0366c - TaxonomyField
      2. fea84df6-a0fc-492c-9aa7-d28b8dcb08b3 - SPFieldMultiLineText, HtmlField, ImageField, LinkField
      3. ed280121-b677-4e2a-8fbc-0d9e2325b0a2 - SPFieldText, SPFieldChoice, SPFieldMultiChoice, SPFieldNumber, SPFieldCurrency, SPFieldDateTime, SPFieldBoolean, SPFieldUser, SPFieldUrl, SPFieldGuid
      4. 00130329-0000-0130-c000-000000131346 - other field types
  • SharePoint 2013 "Did You Mean" issue (Result web part) (Updated 30/1/2015)
    • [Issue]: “Did you mean” (Result web part) not  update other connected webparts with Search box. example if Search box passing the more than one web part 
    • [Solution]: For this fixed need to modified the result web part template and replace the "did you mean" link with some custom html and javascript code .After done with the changes it working as expected. I will upload the template on github.


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