Office 365 and PnP-PowerShell 2013 : ContentType

In this content type section is most important section. You can use these methods to create, delete and update the existing content type. So the cmdlets are piety straight. The following are the command lets that we are going to use in this section. You can check the github documentation and example as well. 

With the help of these cmdlets I will create the Utility same as we did for in before blog post. 
  1. Add‑PnPContentType
  2. Get‑PnPContentType
  3. Remove‑PnPContentType
  4. Remove‑PnPContentTypeFromList
  5. Get‑PnPContentTypePublishingHubUrl
  6. Add‑PnPContentTypeToList
  7. Set‑PnPDefaultContentTypeToList
  8. Remove‑PnPFieldFromContentType
  9. Add‑PnPFieldToContentType


Lets start the end of my goal is the build some kind of meaning utility that you can quickly use in your project and get some benefit. 

Same create the multiple content type and attach columns to content type. For configure the content type, I am using the same CSV approach to read every properties from the file and built the content type.

Remove Content Type or Site Columns from ContentType
Remove content type and remove particular columns in the content type. It is very easy, If you required to delete multiple of columns you can create one utility to delete the columns form the csv as well.

  1. Remove‑PnPFieldFromContentType
  2. Remove‑PnPContentType


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