Office 365 PnP-PowerShell 2013: Setup your machine part

To run the PowerShell on your client machine you need to first step your client machine.
Here are the some of the tools, I would recommend you to install on your machine before going ahead any other development.

Install PNP Framwork on your client machine.

Free DLL(s) built and developed by Microsoft. Join this community and be the part to get the latest updates, here is the link.

You can download the 2016 version, if you working on latest version. As of now I have installed 2013 version.
  • Download the binaries from following URL. You can use the most of the functionality/functions but not all. Because this client model mainly target to the office 365.
  • Once the files are installed you can go to its location and check the files.
  • You can copy this binaries and paste inside your build folder, because these are the dependencies that required for run the script. You can copy the SharePointPNPPowerShell2013 Folder and put into your final release file to give it your client. 
  • Download the files and include the module in your PS files.

Install Editor

I recommend you to install the visual studio code, it is very Powerful and support many languages one editor do multiple things as it is open source and you can use it on any platform like windows, mac etc. 
Configure the editor to run the PowerShell. 
  • You can download from this URL Install Visual Studio Code free editor.  
  • Install PowerShell extension.  
  • Check PowerShell console to run your script. Also debug your script.

Install Cmder to run your command

  • It is free tool very handy as compare with OOB command prompt. You can download this from this URL Good User Interface, nice shortcuts colorful view. Great feeling when you working on it.  
  • Support various tabs.  
  • Various settings.  
  • Support various scripting models like bash, Powershell and CMD.
Now your machine ready and start using PNP development.

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