SharePoint 2013 Search Bits and Pieces

SharePoint 2013 comes with new features and new components.
  1. SharePoint Search 2001 to 2013
  2. Components
    1. Analytic Processing component
  3. Search Center
    1. Everything 
    2. People
    3. Conversation
    4. Videos 
    5. Search with in document libraries 
    6. Search Vertical
  4. New terms  
    1. Result Source
    2. Result Types
    3. Result Template (No Xslt)
    4. Query Rules <->Promoted Results
    5. Query Suggestion 
    6. Thumbnail Previews
    7. Hover Cards
  5. New Type of Authentication - anonymous 
  6. Configure the search for anonymous user
  7. Content Search  web part
  8. Recommendation Engine
  9. Federation result taking care of Result server.
  10. Custom Extensible stage (Fast) replaced with Content enrichment web service
  11. My Task : All users to search for their task and pull them together in a central location.
Coming soon more on Search

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