SharePoint 2013 why content Search Web part?


In SharePoint 2010, we do not have OOB web part that get back aggregate results i.e. results more than one site collection. The Content Query Web part displays aggregate list content (data from multiple lists) from within a single site collection.

Why not Custom Web part?

If the number of site collection is increase, the custom code will cause the issue and this end up with performance or may have a chance for a memory leak.

Why Content Search Web part?

SharePoint 2013 Content Search web part introduced by the Microsoft to break the site collection boundary problem.Web part displays cross site collection aggregation results. It is OOB solution and fully based on Search(Indexed content) the more often crawl run, the more up to date content.

Content Query Web Part (CQWP)
Content Search Web Part(CSWP)
The Content Query Web Part allows you to display content from single site collection.
The Content Search Web Part breaks the site collection boundary problems. Content available depend upon your search scope.
Use List or libraries as a data Source to display results.
Use search as data source to display contents.
Use XSLT to render the result.
Use Search Template to display the result.
Content Always up to date.
More often you crawl, the more up to date content.
Content always available, it is not depend up the search service. 
Content not available if search server down.
Customize required to overrides the content query web part.
Customize the result required a content enrichment web service during document processing.
To change the content representation required to modify the XSLT
To customized the content representation, required to create the custom display template.


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