Enterprise Social Network Yammer and its Certification

Yammer is Enterprise Social Network service that was launched in 2008 and sold on Microsoft in 2012.

Yammer is an enterprise collaboration tool, used for private communication within organization. Access to yammer network determined by a user’s internal domain so that only individuals with appropriate email addresses may join their respective networks.
Yammer Certification

To truly master this product you need to spend some time on it, may be even spend some time on certification. There are different certificate found on yammer certification page.
  • Yammer power user certification
  • Yammer community manager certification
  • Yammer trainer certification
  • Yammer administrator certification 
Exam yet to come 
  • Yammer developer certification 
Yammer training Resource/Yaminars
You can watch the some Yaminars and also read the yammer training resources.If you do not have any experience with using Yammer it might require a bit more time and reviewing some of the options, but if you are already using Yammer that should be enough to pass the exam.

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