SharePoint 2013 Tool: Analysis code for WSP and APP

In SharePoint, most of the customization can be achieved without developing/writing custom solution. Some time we required a customization and during this customization the main concern on quality solution; we ensure the best practice & rules must be defined and follow.

These rules and policies must be defined (e.g. in customization policies) and must be accepted by all involved people, like developers, architects and also by the business side because these policies may limit the adaptability of SharePoint.

So there is no such a automated process that validate those rules during development face.

To deliver the quality standards as end result during earlier development face. Tool is created by Matthias Einig and Torsten Mandelkow  and name of the tool is SharePoint Code Analysis Framework(SPCAF).

SPCAF Essential tool to ensure SharePoint code quality. SPCAF will analyze assemblies and all the XML for your SharePoint packages (wsp’s), and all other controls and master pages that are present in your package, it will help you improve your code or at least make it easier to check for errors.
To read more about the tool please read the documentation of SPCAF tool, you can download the trail version. 

As per the documentation the code covers the following version.

  • SharePoint solution (.WSP) for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013
  • SharePoint 2013 Apps

The code within .wsp and .app files is extracted and the contained files are analyzed by the SharePoint code analyzer. This includes:

  • SharePoint artefacts in XML files, like Features, ContentTypes, ListTemplates
  • Assemblies (.dll)
  • ASP.NET files, like controls (.ascx), pages (.aspx) and master pages (.master)

You can download the SPCAF beta version. To know more about the SPCAF see its official site

You can also download the free version of SPCop. The SPCop is just one component of SPCAF.


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