SharePoint Software Limitations

Following are the limitation of SharePoint software.

Limit Maximum Value Limit Type
Web application 20 per farm Supported
Zone 5 per web application Boundary
Managed path 20 per web application Supported
Solution cache size 300 MB per web application Threshold
Application Pools 20 per farm Supported
Number of content databases 500 per farm Supported
Content database size (general usage scenarios) 200 GB per content database Supported
Content database size (all usage scenarios) 4 TB per content database Supported
Content database size (document archive scenario) No explicit content database limit Supported
Content database items 60 million (includes documents and items) Supported
Site collections per content database 10,000 Supported
Site collections per farm 750,000 Supported
Web site 250,000 per site collection Supported
Site collection size Max size of the content database Supported
List row size 8,000 bytes per row Boundary
File size 2 GB Boundary
Documents 30,000,000 per library Supported
Major versions 400,000 Supported
Minor versions 511 Boundary
Items 30,000,000 per list Supported
Rows size limit 6 table rows internal to the database used for a list or library item Supported
Bulk operations 100 items per bulk operation Boundary
List view lookup threshold 8 join operations per query Threshold
List view threshold 5,000 Threshold
List view threshold for auditors and administrators 20,000 Threshold
Subsite 2,000 per site view Threshold
Coauthoring in Word and PowerPoint for .docx, .pptx and .ppsx files 10 concurrent editors per document Threshold
Security scope 1,000 per list Threshold

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