SharePoint 2013 Search Extensibility Points

SharePoint 2013 buzz word "Search 2013 Extensibility" related to the Search prospective. In SharePoint 2013 following are the points where we can customize the search experience. 
  1. BCS Connector 
  2. Content enrichment web service 
  3. Custom entity extraction 
  4. Pre/post security trimming 
  5. Custom Ranking Models
  6. User Experience (UX)

  • BCS Connector: SharePoint 2013 there are some of the new method added in the BCS entity connector framework that works well and more stable for large items. Crawl data from the external system you can use the BCS connector and crawl the data into your SharePoint 2013. Please refer the below link that refer the BDC Mode properties and method that need to incorporate in your BDC file. 
    • SharePoint BCS Connector and its method that required for crawl
      • No Code
        • OData
        • SQL
      • Code
        • .Net Assembly
        • WCF
    • BCS Request Methods 
      • Full Crawl
        • Finder(): Return All Docuemnt
        • SpecificFiner(Id1): Return the properties to the single Item. 
        • StreamAccessor(Id1) (Optional): Only way to get the data like attachments like word document and excel document & you wanted to parse the data into text. So you need to use this method.
      • Incremental Crawl following two methods used instead of finder
        • ChangedIdEnumerator
        • DeletedIdEnumerator
If you do not specify the incremental crawl methods, during incremental crawl behind the seen it will run full crawl.

  • Content Enrichment Web Service: Content Enrichment web service is called during the content processing. So any crawl properties during content processing you want to change it. You can use the content enrichment web service. 
  • Custom Entity extraction: SharePoint Server 2013 administrators can create and deploy custom entity extraction dictionaries to configure the search system to look for specific words or phrases (entities) in unstructured content. The extracted entities are stored in separate managed properties, and you can use them to improve your organization’s search experience.
    • Determine which type of custom entity extraction dictionary you want to create: Word, Word Part, Word exact or Word Part exact


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