SharePoint 2013 Search Farm Installation Architecture Matrix

General Guideline: SharePoint 2013 Search Farm installation general guideline. So how would be the search farm structure? To installation each component in farm that you need to analysis the number of item in your organization. So if the content less < 10 mil then 2 index component and 1 partitioned per 10 mil items,  2 Query, 2 content processing, 2 Analytic, 1 crawl database and 1 link database. 

For the performance issues:

  • Crawl time and result freshness: Add crawl database and content processing component for improve the crawl time and result freshness.
  • Result time: For query latency add more index replica and for query throughput add more partition  

Use the following matrix to configure Search Farm

  • Use 2 Crawl Component 
  • Use 2 Search Administrator Component
  • Number of Analytic database varies depend upon the usage

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