SharePoint 2013 Search Error : Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.DataCacheException: ErrorCode:SubStatus

Search center Error message
Sorry, Something went wrong. correlation id 6661419c-0095-80c5-aec6-75e1cfadfb3f 
ULS Log Error Details

SharePoint Foundation         DistributedCache               ah24w Unexpected Unexpected Exception in SPDistributedCachePointerWrapper::InitializeDataCacheFactory for usage 'DistributedLogonTokenCache' - Exception 'Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.DataCacheException: ErrorCode<ERRCA0017>:SubStatus<ES0006>:There is a temporary failure. Please retry later. (One or more specified cache servers are unavailable, which could be caused by busy network or servers. For on-premises cache clusters, also verify the following conditions. Ensure that security permission has been granted for this client account, and check that the AppFabric Caching Service is allowed through the firewall on all cache hosts. Also the MaxBufferSize on the server must be greater than or equal to the serialized object size sent from the client.). Additional Information : The client was trying to co... 6661419c-0095-80c5-aec6-75e1cfadfb3f

Solution:  Restarted the following services.

  1. "SharePoint Search Host Controller" Service. 
  2. "SharePoint Server Search" Service
  3. "SharePoint" Timer Services
  4. "MS SQLServer"

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