SharePoint Search 2001 to 2013

Key Points 
  • Search has been available in SharePoint since SharePoint 2001 and all versions till now.
  • SharePoint 2003 Search with some out of box features 
  • MOSS 2007 Search introduce the my sites and people search
  • FAST is both a company and a set of products focused on enterprise information retrieval. FAST and its products were purchased by Microsoft in 2008, but the company was kept essentially intact. FAST continues to develop and support the FAST product line and is working to further integrate it into the Microsoft product set—specifically, into SharePoint
  • SharePoint 2010 two search option available in this product
    • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search
    • FS4SP (Fast Search Server for SharePoint 2010)
  • In SharePoint 2013 the best of two Search Engines “SharePoint Search” and “FAST Search Server for SharePoint” was combined to make one Search Engine that would provide greater redundancy and for better scalability.


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