SharePoint 2013: What is new in Manage Property and Crawl Property

  • Automatically created when site column created and used (the must be stored in the content database using this column).
  • Crawl properties now crated at the site collection level. Earlier only available at the application level.
  • Crawl properties & manage properties created with specific naming convention, as mentioned in the attached link MSDN.
  • Automatically created crawl properties sortable and refinable are turned off and property with text data type.
  • There are list of OOB Manage Properties available at site collection level with different-2 data type start with name Refinable<datatype>00 .. Refinable<datatype>100 to you can use this to make achieve Sorting and refinable by map crawl property one of manage property give it alias. 

  • There is confusion with crawl property, actually in SharePoint 2013 two crawl property created when ever a new site column created and it used. I have created the site column name "MyCustomDate". SharePoint 2013 two crawl properties created "OWS_MyCustomDate" and Other "ows_q_DATE_MycustomDate".

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